150A Gas-cooled with valve (WP-17V)-TIG Welding Torch

150A Gas-cooled with valve (WP-17V)-TIG Welding Torch

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Main technical features:

1-RATING: 150A Ar, 60% Duty Cycle, tungsten electrode: 1.6-2.4 mm

2- Cooling Method: gas-cooled

3-Torch head with valve TIG17 Fixed

4- Designed for high-capacity performance on thin to medium gauge materials and are ideal for both professional and hobbyist welders

5-Feather weight torch body is well balanced to improve operator comfort and control

6-Secure mechanical fittings and connections reduce leakage of gas

7-Easy gas-flow adjustment using the fingertip gas valve

8- Made from the highest quality materials to assure high performance and long life

9-High-temperature rubber insulation prevents high-frequency voltage leaks