Balloon Filler Regulator-Helium Dual Foil/Latex inflator

Balloon Filler Regulator-Helium Dual Foil/Latex inflator

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Main technical features:

1-Integrated relief valve protected in the body of the pressure regulator thus ensuring its inviolability and its reliability

2-Sintered bronze filter for additional safety and to extend regulator life

3-Piston type pressure regulator for a great reliability

4-Inlet pressure up to 200 bar

5-Preset pressure output at 4.5 bar

6-Economy style combination Latex and foil tip in one unit

7-Compact lightweight construction

8-Hand-tight, tool-free connection to the helium tank

9-Contents gauge, so you’ll always know how much helium you have on hand

10-Fill both Mylar (foil) and Latex Balloons via “Piston-Type” mechanism

11-Tapered foil tip for easy inflation

12-with Flow Control Valve to fill types of balloons