Double Gauge-Ar/CO2 pressure regulator

Double Gauge-Ar/CO2 pressure regulator

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Main technical features:

1-Machined brass body resists corrosion and extends service life

2-Integrated relief valve protected in the body of the pressure regulator thus ensuring its inviolability and its reliability

3-Pressure gauge protected against shocks thanks to a plastic bumper

4-Dual Inlet Sintered bronze filter for additional safety and to extend regulator life

5-Piston type pressure regulator for a great reliability

6-Designed for MIG/Mag & TIG applications and provide accurate regulator of gas flow

7-The flow gauge works in conjunction with an outlet metering orifice to deliver the precise gas flow necessary for GMAW or GTAW welding applications.

8- Manual Adjustable outlet flow rate 0-24 LPM and Accuracy of Measurement of the Flow Gauge ±10%


9-Inlet pressure up to 230 bar

10-with the shut-off valve in the outlet

11- Dual scale flow gauge for Argon or Carbon Dioxide service

12-pressure-regulator-valve pin made of stainless steel