IRANA-Oxygen Flowmeter with Humidifier

IRANA-Oxygen Flowmeter with Humidifier


Main technical features:

1- Various types of inlet adapter can be selected

2-Chrome Nickel-plated brass body

3-Sintered bronze Filter at the scale inlet protecting the device against any gas network impurities and thus ensuring the protection of both the patient and the Flowmeter.

4-Flowmeter with measuring tube 0-15 L/min, continuously Manual Adjustable and Accuracy of Measurement of the Flowmeter ±10% (Inlet pressure of 4±0.5 bar)

5- Humidifier bottle capacity: 200ml

6-polycarbonate bottles are impact resistance for maximum durability service life

7-all metal parts made of brass

8-Alarmed relief valve protected in the humidifier thus ensuring its inviolability and its reliability